Nene Valley Raceway - Euros warm up.

Dienstag, 25. April 2017

Nene Valley Raceway - Euros warm up.

This weekend Nick Visser and Tim Vander Elst went over to the UK to drive the warm up for the upcoming european championship. Besides Nick and Tim we also had Bob Weaver and Adam Ellis present with their Ultron Buggies.

This was our first time with the ultron buggy on astro-turf we were up for a big challenge to find a setup for the car. Saturday was only free practice so we tested a lot of things on our car. By the end of saturday all our... cars were going reasonably well with still a lot of room for improvement in the setup.

Sunday was raceday with 3 rounds of qualifying and a final. In Q1 Tim was fighting with Dario for first place but made a mistake in the final lap, flipping the car on the straight, unlucky the body shell made contact with the engine-off button and Q1 was over. Nick on the other hand had a save run and finished P3. Adam faced some bad luck in Q1.

Now we adjusted our set-ups again and the car was getting faster and more pleasant to drive. Q2 Tim took victory, Nick was still adjusting his setup and was too late for this round missing out a few laps. Adam finished this heat getting used to the car as this was his first ever race with the ultron. Q3 Tim took victory again, by doing this he was top qualifier heading into the finals. Few mistakes from Nick in Q3 but finished 5th overall. Adam had to change his engine and went on track without adjusting the carb, such a shame as the car was flying after the carb was adjusted.

Finals; Up to now we had a dry weekend and our cars were setup very well for this. 5minutes before the main final we had a little bit of rain so we had to gamble for the final. We gambled it would stay dry so we went out on dry-weather tyres. Sadly this was our mistake as 5minutes into the race it started raining again and quite heavy this time. We could not keep up with the other guys running better tyres and finished P4 and P6 respectively.

Overall we can look back at the positives from this event. We have shown everyone that this car is absolutely fast on astro-turf when it's setup. All customers should have received their copy of the setup sheet, if not PM us. Few more months to go but we are allready looking forward to the European Championship !

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