Efra Euros 2016

jeudi 11 août 2016

Euro's 2016

1 year ago we stood with our first proto-type on the European championship in Fehring.
Now we are at the European championship with 4 Ultron buggies and 2 short courses.

4WD Buggy report:
With 4 Ultron buggies at the start, raced by Michael Keinemans, Henk Mulder, Tim Vander Elst and Nick Visser.
We were on a mission, to get in the points as high as possible.
For starting we all wrenched our cars to the exact same setup, so we all could try and discuss various tunes on the car.
Step by step our cars got quicker and easier to drive over the week. This team work was key to our achievement.

After the qualifying heats Michael Keinemans and Tim Vander Elst qualified directly for the semi finals, P2 and P7 overall.
Henk Mulder had a few difficulties in qualifying and qualified himself for the quarter finals, P21 overall.
Nick Visser was top qualifier in round 2, despite some issues in the other rounds he got knocked down to the 1/8th final.


Nick Visser was the first one to race in the finals, starting in the 1/8th final, within a few laps taking P1 and
Now it was only a matter of bringing the car home. So he did and he was thru to the 1/4th finals.

Henk Mulder and Nick Visser were in the same 1/4th final. 3 cars bump up to the semi final so everything was possible.
Henk and Nick both moved up in the field but sadly after a few minutes one of the exhaust springs on Henk's car came off,
having to return the car to the pits for repairs, he lost too much time to get back within the top3. The speed was there
but sometimes you need more than just speed. Nick on the other hand finished the 1/4th final in 2nd position, bumping up
towards the semi final.

Semi-final B was the first of both semi finals to be raced, with Tim Vander Elst starting from pole-position.
Off the line without problems and maintained this position until the end of the race, finishing P1.
Semi-final A it was Michael Keinemans and Nick Visser's turn. Off the line without problems and the chase was on,
Michael and Nick moved up the field with ease, eventually running P1 and P2 in this semi final.
They worked together, not fighting eachother for victory in this finally and finished P1 and P2.


Already a dream result, having 3 out of 4 cars in the main final. And as bonus we had to start respectively P1 P3 and P4 from the grid.
The clock is ticking down and off we go ! Tim Vander Elst stays in the lead after the first corner, Nick Visser tries to double the jump,
landed short flipping the car over and dropping him back in the field. Michael Keinemans now in P3 looking to move up.
Pressure came from different drivers on Tim Vander Elst, fending off most of the battles, eventually making 1 mistake on the double.
Dropping Tim back to P3, while Nick passes again to take over the lead. Tim managed to pass Jerome and got back in P2.
So now we had 2 Ultrons leading the european championship, this was the dream.
Sadly bad luck was right behind the corner. Within 1 lap both Tim and Nick had servo failures, Throttle/brake for Tim, Steering for Nick.
So 2 Ultrons out of the race. Michael Keinemans was racing as hard as he could, Getting back to the leaders when he rolled the car
and snapped the spark plug in 2. Michael lost some time in the pits which is too much at this level of racing.

In the end Michael finished P7, Nick P9 and Tim P10.

Even though the final was disappointing, for a 1 year old brand, having 3cars in the main final was already a huge achievement.
The N-R-P Ultron has shown it's potential of being a fast and reliable car, even on this hard track full of rocks and stones.

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