N-R-P @ HMRC Snertrace 2018

lundi 15 janvier 2018

The 2018 edition of the Snertrace was the third Snertrace for the NRP Ultron buggy since it's release in 2016.


In both 2016 and 2017 the NRP Ultron buggy was victorious, can we manage a tripple ?




In qualifying we had Tim Vander Elst taking pole position with Henk Mulder and Melanie Visser also classified directly into the semi finals. Michael Keinemans had to start in the quarter finals as he built a new car in the last week before the snertrace and needed to finish a few bits and missed 2 qualifying rounds. Brittish driver Craig Orman had his own day of troubles in qualyfying, disconnecting batteries and other silly failures forced him to start in the quarter finals aswel.

Craig and Michael both had to race in the same quarter final and after a few minutes in this final they were both in the bump-up positions. A high-speed crash on the main straight for Craig ended his hope on bumping up as his shock shafts was bend. Michael bumped up to the semi's.

4 Ultrons in the same semi final. It was going to be a hard one to bump all 4 up into the main final but we had a goal. Tim took of from pole and was leading the race on a save distance. Michael had a blistering start, starting on P8 and withing 2 laps allready running in P2. Henk and Melanie were also improving their positions and at this point all the Ultrons were in a bump up position. Tim's car suddenly came to a hold and after investigation it appeared the receiver burned out. Michael took over the lead and bumped up. Henk was running safe and bumped up aswell. Meanwhile Melanie was in a fight with former European Champion Ian Oddie for the final bump up position. Ian finished ahead of Melanie, 2 / 4 Ultrons to the main final.

At the start of the final it was a simple mission for Michael who started in pole position. Take off and never look back. Michael did what had to be done, never came under any threat and finished P1 with a big margin over P2. Henk Mulder had his own fight and after switching position quite some times he finished on P4.

Congratulations to Michael for taking victory with a brand new out of the box NRP Ultron buggy. The first black-orange addonised car built, and it's first victory !



Watch the final on YouTube





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