Report from Tim Vander Elst

woensdag 3 juli 2019

Starec 2019 ! YES YES YES !
As I am not going to the EC this year, this was the most important race of the year for me. Big focus and once again showing how much the N-R-P Ultron has improved over time !

~ Top Qualifier ~ Pole position for A-main ~ Victory !

Never had this much confidence in a model car ! WOW ! At the start of the A-main final I managed to create a small gap, from this point on it was only a matter of controlling the gap without unnecessary pushing.

Massive thanks to the entire organisation and my sponsors:
~ N-R-P.eu (NRP Ultron ZR) Nick Visser
~ RNTUNING.nl (RV G270 CNC engines) Rinus Visser
~ Modelcargo (Samba pipes) Laszlo Gal


N-R-P Ultron ZrN-R-P Ultron Zr

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